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‘Huginn’ The Real Viking Axe


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Own a piece of Vikings age with the Huginn Viking Axe. Hand-forged carbon steel axe head, Valknut symbolism, rosewood handle & leather sheath. Limited quantities available!


Huginn Viking Axe: Own a Piece of Viking History

Forged in Fire, Ready for Glory

Own a genuine Viking Axe , meticulously handcrafted to honor the legacy of the Norse warriors. The Huginn Viking Axe is not just a axe – it’s a testament to the skill and power that once ruled the battlefield.

Key features:

  • Viking Battle Axe or Viking Bearded Axe? You Decide: The Huginn’s design merges the fearsome aspects of both, offering a versatile weapon for any Viking reenact or collector.
  • Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Axe Head: Feel the weight of history in your hand. The 1095 high carbon steel head is hand-forged for unmatched durability and a sharpness that would make any Viking proud.
  • Valknut Symbolism: Etched onto the blade is the Valknut, a symbol of Odin, the All father, and the power of warriors. Carry this symbol of Viking mythology into battle (or onto your display shelf).
  • Rosewood Handle, Carved for Comfort: The handcrafted rosewood handle is designed for a secure and comfortable grip, even in the heat of battle (or while admiring its craftsmanship).
  • Genuine Cowhide Leather Sheath: Protect your axe and yourself with a beautiful and functional cowhide leather sheath.


  • Blade Length: 15cm (6 inches)
  • Blade Width: 18cm (7 inches)
  • Handle Length: 50cm (19.5 inches)
  • Steel Type: 1095 High Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Weight: 1330g (2.9lbs)

Please note: Due to the handcrafted nature of this axe, measurements may vary slightly.

Why Choose Huginn Viking Axe?

Ansari Forge takes pride in delivering not just an axe but an embodiment of Norse heritage. Each axe is a unique work of art, with variations that add to its individuality. Whether you seek a formidable weapon or a striking collectible, the Huginn Viking Axe stands out as a testament to quality and authenticity.

Own a piece of Viking history. Order your Huginn Viking Axe today!

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Viking reenactor wielding the Huginn Viking Axe.
‘Huginn’ The Real Viking Axe
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