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Long-lasting and Versatile:

Fixed blade knives are the ultimate workhorses. Unlike folding knives, they have no hinges to break, making them incredibly strong and reliable. Whether you’re a hunter, camper, thrower, or just need a dependable everyday knife, a fixed blade can handle it all.

Simple Design, Big Results:

These knives are built for function, not fancy features. The straightforward design is easy to maintain and provides a longer blade length compared to folding knives. It’s a classic slab of steel built to get the job done.

A Note on Carry:

While fixed blades excel in outdoor tasks, their size can make them less practical for everyday urban carry compared to folding knives. Concealment and storage can be a challenge.

Find Your Perfect Fixed Blade:

Ansari Forge offers a massive selection (over 1000!) of fixed blade knives in various lengths, colours, and finishes. With Damascus Steel, you’re sure to find the perfect knife for your needs and budget.

Fixed Blade Knives

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‘Hawkeye Hunter’ Deer Hunting Knife D2 Stainless Steel 10 “Fixed Blade Knife With Wood Handle & Leather Sheath


The Hawkeye Hunter is a handcrafted D2 stainless steel knife, perfect for deer hunting. This full-tang beauty boasts a comfortable pakkawood handle, exceptional sharpness, and a secure leather sheath. Bring down your next buck with confidence.

10-Inch Handmade D2 Steel Hunting Knife with Scout Horizontal Carry Sheath – Tactical Full Tang Blade for Camping, Hiking, Skinning, and Survival

  • High-Quality Blade: Crafted from premium D2 steel, known for its excellent hardness and edge retention.
  • Durable Construction: Full tang design ensures superior strength and balance.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Overall length of 10.0 inches with a 5.0-inch blade and 5.0-inch handle.
  • Robust Blade: 4.0 mm thick blade ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Premium Handle: Made from high-quality walnut wood for a natural, ergonomic grip.
  • Protective Guard: Stainless steel guard for added safety and aesthetic appeal.
  • Leather Sheath: Comes with a genuine cowhide leather sheath for secure storage and easy access.
  • Scout Horizontal Carry: Sheath designed for scout horizontal carry, providing convenient and quick access.
  • Hand Forged: Expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans at Ansari Forge.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for camping, hiking, skinning, and survival scenarios.
  • High Hardness: Rockwell hardness rating of 60 HRC for superior durability and sharpness retention.
  • Aesthetic Design: Combines traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality for a visually appealing tool.

10″ Best Hunting Knife Damascus Steel Blade, Pine Cone Handle & Leather Sheath


Conquer any terrain with our best Damascus hunting knife! Hand-forged Damascus steel offers unmatched strength, while the comfortable handle ensures a secure grip. Includes a cowhide leather sheath. Overall length: 10.0 inches, Blade length: 5.5 inches. Shop now for the ultimate hunting companion!

10″ Fixed Blade Damascus Hunting Knife With Sheath


This exquisite Damascus knife features a mesmerizing rain drop pattern and exceptional strength. Perfect for outdoor adventures, culinary mastery, or everyday carry. Includes a beautiful cowhide leather sheath. Order yours today!

12 Inch Fixed Blade Custom Forged Bowie Knife With Antler Handle & Leather Sheath


Own a handmade blade with this 12 Inch Fixed Blade Custom Forged Antler handle Bowie Knife. Hand-crafted from 1095 high carbon steel for strength, it features a mirror polish and natural hammer marks for a unique look. The stag antler handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the cowhide leather sheath keeps it protected. 12″ overall, perfect for hunting, skinning, and everyday adventures.

8.5 ” Handmade Damascus Steel Knife With Leather Sheath & Buffalo Horn Handle

  • This Damascus knife is handmade by Ansari Forge, ensuring exceptional quality and a unique piece.
  • The fixed blade design with a drop point blade offers superior control and functionality for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The full tang construction provides excellent balance and strength.
  • The buffalo horn handle and genuine cowhide leather sheath add a touch of luxury and practicality.

9″ Damascus Camping Knife, Handmade Hunting Skinning Knife, Wood Handle With Leather Sheath


Conquer any backcountry task with the hand-forged Damascus Camping Knife. This fixed-blade beauty boasts a durable Damascus steel construction (1095 & 15n20) and a classic drop point design. The rosewood handle ensures comfort, while the included leather sheath offers safe carrying. Order yours today!

9″ Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife With Bone Handle


Elevate your hunt with our Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife. This heirloom-quality piece boasts hand-forged Damascus steel for unmatched strength, a luxurious camel bone handle, and a cowhide leather sheath. Perfect for skinning and field dressing big game. Currently on Sale!

  • Hand-forged Damascus steel blade (1095 & 15N20 high-carbon steel) for exceptional strength and edge retention.
  • Beautiful twist pattern Damascus steel adds a touch of elegance.
  • Full-tang construction for unmatched balance and durability.
  • Camel bone handle provides a luxurious and secure grip.
  • Cowhide leather sheath for safe and convenient carry.
  • Overall length: 9.0 inches (22.86 cm) for perfect balance and maneuverability.

9″ Handmade Damascus Steel Knife, Custom Hunting Knife With Sheath


This handcrafted Damascus steel knife boasts exceptional strength (1095 & 15N20 steel, 59 HRC) and a beautiful fire pattern. Perfect for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and collectors. Includes sheath.

Best Custom Hunting Knife D2 Steel Full Tang With G10 Handle & Cross Draw Sheath


This handcrafted hunting knife is your secret tool for clean cuts and effortless field dressing. The forged D2 steel full tang blade (4″ length, 60 HRC hardness) tackles any task with ease, while the G10 handle ensures a secure grip. File work on the spine adds control, and the included cowhide leather cross draw sheath keeps it protected. Don’t miss this limited-time sale!

Best Fixed Blade Damascus Hunting Knife With Sheath


Damascus Hunting Knife – Specifications


  • Blade: Forged Damascus Steel (1095 & 15N20 High-Carbon Steel)
  • Guard: Damascus Steel

Handle: Leather

Sheath: Leather


  • Overall Length: 12.0 inches
  • Handle Length: 5.0 inches
  • Blade Length: 7.0 inches

Additional Features:

  • Blade Hardness: 58 HRC
  • Blade Style: Fixed Blade
  • Pattern: Twist Damascus

Best Small Fixed Blade EDC Knife, Stag Antler Handle & Leather Sheath


Best EDC Knife – Hand-Forged Excellence

Discover the best EDC knife, crafted from 1095 high carbon steel with a full tang blade and a 60 HRC hardness for superior durability. This fixed blade knife features a 2.75-inch blade, 3.25-inch stag antler handle, and copper guard. Compact and easy to carry with an overall length of 6.0 inches, it comes with a genuine cowhide leather sheath for added protection and style. Ideal for everyday carry and outdoor adventures.

Black Cinder Hunting Knife With Sheath , 11 Inch Full Tang Survival Knife With Pakka wood Handle, Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife for Men, Camping Knife Gifts for Men

  • Unwavering Strength: Full tang construction for exceptional balance and power.
  • Impenetrable Steel: Powder-coated 440c stainless steel blade with 55 HRC hardness for superior edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Confident Grip: Ergonomic black pakkawood handle for secure and comfortable hold in any condition.
  • Master of Many Trades: Ideal for hunting, camping, bushcraft, and various outdoor tasks.
  • Secure and Accessible: Genuine cowhide leather sheath for safekeeping and easy access.

Custom Hand Forged 5160 Steel Survival Machete Knife


Survival Machete Knife: Conquer Any Challenge

This survival machete knife is your wilderness companion, built for versatility and durability. Hand-forged 5160 steel (60 HRC hardness) tackles any task, from clearing brush to chopping firewood. The leather-wrapped handle ensures comfort, and the genuine cowhide leather sheath provides safe storage. Overall length 17.0 inches, blade length 12.0 inches. Conquer the wild, Shop Now!

Custom Hand Made Forged Damascus Steel Hunting Knife With Feather Blade AF1053


Looking for high-quality hunting knives? Check out the custom hand-made forged Damascus steel hunting knife with feather blade from Ansari Forge. Exquisite craftsmanship meets superior performance. Get yours today! Available for sale.

D Skinner 11″ Best Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife With Gut Hook, Feather Pattern, Stag Handle & Leather Sheath


The D-Skinner: Your perfect companion for every adventure. This handcrafted Damascus hunting knife boasts exceptional strength, a beautiful feather pattern, and a comfortable stag antler handle. Skin, field dress, and conquer any task with confidence. Includes a real cowhide leather sheath. Order yours today!

Damascus Steel EDC Fixed Blade Knife With Cross Draw Sheath


EDC Fixed Blade Knife: Your Everyday Champion

Uncompromising strength meets exceptional comfort. This hand-forged Damascus steel EDC knife offers unparalleled performance and durability for all your cutting needs. Includes a genuine cowhide sheath for secure carry.

Damascus Steel Hunting Knife With Camel Bone Handle & Leather Sheath


Damascus Steel Perfection: Handcrafted Hunting Knife

Elevate your next adventure with our Damascus Bone Handle Knife. This handcrafted masterpiece features a hand-forged Damascus steel blade renowned for its strength and beauty. The full-tang construction and 58 HRC hardness ensure unwavering performance, while the camel bone handle offers luxurious comfort. Includes a scout carry leather sheath. (Overall: 9.0″, Blade: 4.5″, Handle: 4.5″). Shop our best Damascus hunting knife today!

Damascus Steel Scimitar Pirate Dagger


Ahoy Matey! Secure Your Pirate Dagger

This hand-forged Pirate Dagger is your perfect swashbuckling companion. The Damascus steel blade, forged from 1095 & 15n20 steel, offers stunning looks and impressive strength (57 HRC). The walnut handle and genuine leather sheath make it a pleasure to carry. Overall length 11.75 inches. Arrr, ahoy there!

Full Tang Best Bushcraft Knife Damascus Fixed Blade Knife With Sheath


Conquer any adventure with this Full Tang Damascus Bushcraft Knife. Hand-forged for strength, it features a beautiful 512-layer Damascus steel blade and comfortable Rosewood handle. Includes leather sheath. Perfect for hunting, camping, and survival.

Hand Forged Knife With Deer Antler Handle And Scout Carry Leather Sheath


Upgrade your hunt with our handcrafted Hand Forged Knife. This heirloom-quality blade features 1095 high carbon steel for strength and a stag antler handle for luxurious comfort. Includes a cowhide leather sheath.

Handmade 1095 High Carbon Steel Knife , Antler Handle Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife With Sheath


Unleash your inner hunter with the best fixed blade knife with sheath available. Hand-forged, high carbon steel delivers exceptional edge retention. Exquisite antler handle (stag/deer) & rosewood bolsters for comfort & elegance. Includes top-grain cowhide leather sheath. The perfect gift for outdoorsmen. Overall: 8.5″, Blade: 4.5″.

Handmade D2 Steel Fixed Blade Hunting Knife With Sheath


Handcrafted Hunting Knife: Strength & Comfort

This fixed blade hunting knife with sheath boasts a D2 steel drop point blade & olive wood handle for outdoor enthusiasts. Includes sheath. Shop Now!

Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife, Best Fixed Blade Knife For Deer, Tactical Bowie Knife With Sheath


Discover the best handmade Damascus hunting knife from Ansari Forge. This fixed blade Bowie knife is perfect for deer hunting and tactical use, complete with a sheath for easy carrying.

Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Hunting Knife With Leather Sheath


Legendary Damascus fixed blade hunting knife. Unmatched strength, beauty, and control. Full tang for perfect grip. 58-60 HRC hardness. Includes leather sheath. Shop now!

Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife Camel Bone Handle


Elevate your next outdoor adventure with our handcrafted Bone Handle Hunting Knife. This beauty features a hand-forged Damascus steel blade with a twist pattern for unmatched strength and a stunning white camel bone handle engraved with a bear. Includes a genuine cowhide leather sheath for secure carry. Overall length: 9″ – Shop Now!

Handmade Fixed Blade Damascus Hunting Knife with Sheath & Ram Horn Handle


Forge Your Legacy: Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife

This handcrafted fixed-blade knife boasts a stunning twist pattern Damascus steel blade for exceptional strength and beauty. The full tang construction and comfortable ram horn handle make it a versatile hunting and skinning knife. Includes a cowhide leather sheath. Overall length: 9.0 inches.

Handmade Forged Damascus Knife With Leather Sheath


11 Inches Handmade Forged Damascus Knife With Horizontal Sheath

Elevate your cuts with this handcrafted Damascus knife. The hand-forged 1095 & 15N20 steel boasts a beautiful twist pattern for over 500 layers of strength & flexibility. Includes a rosewood handle & cowhide leather sheath.

Handmade Piggy Back 2 Pcs Hunting Skinning Knife Set


Premium 2-Pc Skinning Knife Set

This Best Hunting Knife Set features 440c stainless steel blades for strength, sharpness, and corrosion resistance. The piggy back design offers a clip point blade for precise cuts and a drop point blade for multiple tasks. Hidden tang construction with leather handles ensures a comfortable grip. Includes a cowhide leather sheath.

  • 2 Blades: Clip point + Drop point
  • 440c Stainless Steel
  • 60 HRC Hardness
  • Leather Handles
  • Cowhide Leather Sheath

Hunter Damascus Steel Best Fixed Blade Knife With Sheath


Conquer any adventure with the Hunter Damascus Steel, the best fixed blade knife. Hand-forged Damascus steel for unmatched strength, rosewood handle for comfort, and a genuine leather sheath for secure carry. Shop Now!

Mini Cleaver Damascus Bushcraft Knife


Conquer the wild with the Damascus Bushcraft Knife. Hand-forged Damascus steel (1095 & 15N20) offers strength and a captivating raindrop pattern. Full tang construction for perfect balance.

  • Hand-forged Damascus Steel (1095 & 15N20): Unmatched strength, resilience, and a beautiful raindrop pattern.
  • Full Tang Construction: Perfect balance and control for any bushcraft task.
  • Pakkawood Handle: Comfortable and secure grip, even in wet conditions.
  • Real Cowhide Leather Sheath: Safe and convenient carrying for your wilderness companion.
  • Overall Length: 6.5 inches (Blade: 6.0″, Handle: 3.5″, Thickness: 4.0 mm).

Shoto Handmade Damascus Steel Tanto Knife


Shoto: Hand-Forged Damascus Tanto Knife

Introducing the Shoto (小刀) Tanto Knife, a perfect blend of traditional Japanese design and modern tactical functionality. This fixed-blade beauty by Ansari Forge features a hand-forged Damascus steel blade (1095 & 15N20) for strength and a stunning twist pattern. Full tang construction offers perfect balance, while the 59 HRC hardness ensures durability. Includes a beautiful walnut handle and cowhide leather sheath. Overall length: 12.0 inches.

Skinner’s Edge Damascus Hunting Knife With Gut Hook


Skinner’s Edge: Damascus Gut Hook Knife. Hand-forged strength, beautiful twist pattern. Perfect for deer hunting. Includes leather sheath. A Best Damascus Hunting Knife.

Talon Damascus Steel EDC Fixed Blade Knife With Horizontal Carry Sheath


Talon A High End Damascus EDC Knife

The Talon, by Ansari Forge, is a handcrafted everyday carry fixed blade knife built for adventure. Featuring hand-forged Damascus steel for superior strength and a honeycomb handle for secure grip, this versatile knife tackles any cutting task with ease. Includes a genuine leather sheath. Perfect for hunting, camping, and EDC.

The Claw Damascus Backpacker Knife


The Claw: Best Damascus Backpacker Knife for Sale

The Claw, the ultimate backpacker’s knife. Hand-forged for strength and beauty, this real Damascus knife features a stunning twist pattern and 58 HRC hardness. The comfortable walnut handle and finger hole ensure control, while the versatile drop-point blade tackles any outdoor task. Includes a genuine cowhide leather sheath for secure carry. Order yours today!

The Deer Hunter, 10″ Handmade Real Forged Damascus Hunting Knife With Stag Handle & Leather Sheath


Looking for a real handmade Damascus steel hunting knife? The Deer Hunter is a forged masterpiece with a fixed blade and a beautiful stag antler handle. Choose quality and style for your next hunting adventure.

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