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Apex Skinner Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Finger Hole Gut Hook Skinning Knife


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Unleash the Apex Skinner: The Ultimate Deer Skinning Knife

Handcrafted Damascus steel + gut hook = flawless field dressing. This beauty boasts a rosewood handle & finger hole grip for ultimate comfort. Elevate your hunt. Order yours today!

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The Apex Skinner: Your Quest for the Best Deer Skinning Knife Ends Here

Discerning hunters, meet your perfect match. The Apex Skinner isn’t just another deer skinning knife; it’s a culmination of experience, craftsmanship, and innovation. This handmade Damascus steel beauty boasts features specifically designed to make field dressing a smooth, efficient process.

Unmatched Performance:

  • Premium Damascus Steel: The core of the Apex Skinner Damascus knife lies in its exceptional blade. Crafted from high-carbon 1095 & 4340 steel, the Damascus construction offers unparalleled strength, edge retention, and a mesmerizing visual.
  • Razor-Sharp Edge: This fixed-blade custom knife arrives meticulously honed to a razor’s edge, ensuring clean, effortless cuts through hide and flesh.
  • Gut Hook Efficiency: The integrated gut hook  seamlessly initiates the skinning process, saving you valuable time and effort in the field.
  • Optimal Balance: The thoughtfully designed finger hole grip promotes exceptional control and maneuverability, minimizing fatigue during extended use.

Handmade Knives Built to Last:

  • Handcrafted Quality: Each Apex Skinner is a handmade testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Owning one means owning a unique piece of art passed down through generations.
  • Durable Rosewood Handle: The handle is crafted from beautiful, robust rosewood, providing a secure and comfortable grip even in wet conditions.
  • Superior Strength: With a Rockwell hardness of 58 HRC, the blade offers exceptional resilience and resists wear and tear.
  • Protective Sheath: The included high-quality custom leather sheath safeguards your knife and keeps it readily accessible at your side.

The Apex Skinner is more than just a tool; it’s a trusted companion. It’s the culmination of features requested by seasoned hunters, meticulously crafted to elevate your experience in the field.

Here’s why the Apex Skinner reigns supreme:

  • Premium Damascus Steel for Unequaled Performance
  • Razor-Sharp Edge for Clean, Effortless Cuts
  • Integrated Gut Hook for Efficient Skinning Initiation
  • Finger Hole Grip for Enhanced Control and Maneuverability
  • Handcrafted Quality for a Unique Heirloom
  • Durable Rosewood Handle for Secure Grip
  • Superior Strength for Lasting Performance
  • Protective Leather Sheath for Safe and Convenient Carrying

Invest in the Best. Order your Apex Skinner today and experience the difference.


  • Overall Length: 22cm / 8.5 inches (± due to handmade nature)
  • Blade Length: 9cm / 3.25 inches (± due to handmade nature)
  • Handle Length: 13cm / 5 inches (± due to handmade nature)
  • Steel Type: Damascus Steel (1095 & 4340)
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Weight: 253g / 0.5 lbs
  • Blade Thickness (at Thickest Point): 3.7mm / 0.14 inches
  • Blade Width: 4cm / 1.9 inches
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Apex Skinner handcrafted Damascus steel fixed blade Best Deer skinning knife with finger hole grip and rosewood handle.
Apex Skinner Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Finger Hole Gut Hook Skinning Knife
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