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Guardian Handmade Sub Hilt Knife


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Guardian Handmade Sub Hilt Knife: Unmatched Control & Style

Experience the difference of a sub hilt knife. The Guardian, by Ansari Forge, boasts D2 steel for lasting sharpness, a full tang for strength, and a rosewood handle for comfort. The sub hilt design enhances grip & control, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts & collectors.

Includes leather sheath. Overall length: 13.0in, Blade length: 8.0in.


Guardian Handmade Sub Hilt Knife: Enhance Your Grip and Control

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts, knife collectors, and those seeking a truly unique blade. The Guardian Handmade Sub Hilt Knife from Ansari Forge is a fixed blade knife unlike any other, featuring a sub hilt design that elevates your grip and control to new heights.

What is a sub hilt knife?

A sub hilt knife boasts a distinctive handle design with a finger guard that extends below the hand, offering several advantages:

  • Enhanced control and safety: The sub hilt provides a secure grip, preventing your hand from slipping onto the blade during use. This is especially crucial for tasks requiring precision or forceful cuts.
  • Improved leverage: The extended handle acts as a lever, increasing your power and control when chopping, prying, or batoning.
  • Distinctive aesthetic: The sub hilt design adds a touch of sophistication and visual intrigue to the knife’s overall appearance.

Beyond the sub hilt, the Guardian boasts exceptional features:

  • Crafted from D2 steel: Renowned for its exceptional edge retention and wear resistance, D2 steel ensures your blade stays sharp longer, even with heavy use.
  • Full tang construction: The full tang design extends the blade material through the entire handle, providing superior strength and balance.
  • 60 HRC hardness: This optimal hardness rating guarantees a tough and durable blade that can tackle demanding tasks.
  • Stainless steel hilts & pommel: The corrosion-resistant stainless steel hilts and pommel add a touch of elegance and ensure lasting durability.
  • Rosewood handle: The ergonomic rosewood handle offers a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Leather sheath: The included high-quality leather sheath provides safe and convenient storage for your knife.

With an overall length of 13 inches, a handle length of 5 inches, and a blade length of 8 inches, the Guardian is a versatile fixed blade knife suitable for:

  • Camping and outdoor adventures
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Self-defense (always check local laws and regulations)
  • Everyday cutting tasks

Invest in a knife that not only delivers exceptional performance but also elevates your experience with its unique design. Order your Guardian Handmade Sub Hilt Knife from Ansari Forge today!

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Guardian Handmade Sub Hilt Knife
Guardian Handmade Sub Hilt Knife
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