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Ansari Forge’s Viking Throwing Axe


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Ansari Forge Viking Throwing Axe:

  • Material: Crafted with high-quality materials for durability and authenticity.
  • Design: Viking-inspired design with intricate detailing for aesthetic appeal.
  • Head Material: Sturdy forged D2 tool steel construction for optimal weight and balance.
  • Handle: Made from Ash wood, providing a combination of strength and flexibility.
  • Throwing Capability: Balanced design for accurate and effective throwing.
  • Leather Sheath: Includes a custom-fit leather sheath for safe storage and transport.
  • Functional: Suitable for both throwing enthusiasts and collectors.

Ansari Forge’s Viking Throwing Axe

Introducing Ansari Forge’s Viking Throwing Axe – Unleash your inner Viking and immerse yourself in the thrilling sport of Viking axe throwing with this exceptional axe ! Crafted with precision and designed with the ancient Norse warriors in mind, our Viking Throwing Axe delivers unparalleled performance and accuracy.

Whether you’re a seasoned Viking axe throwing enthusiast or a beginner looking for an exciting new hobby, the Viking Throwing Axe from Ansari Forge is your ultimate companion. With its razor-sharp blade and perfectly balanced construction, this axe is guaranteed to pierce through the air with incredible force and accuracy, hitting the bullseye every time.

Hand forged throwing axe

The Viking Throwing Axe has been meticulously hand-forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques, ensuring every detail is executed with utmost perfection. Crafted from high-quality D2 tool steel. this axe boasts exceptional durability, making it a reliable partner for countless exhilarating axe throwing sessions.

Featuring a traditional yet timeless design, this Viking axe captures the essence of ancient Scandinavia. The intricately carved wooden handle not only offers a secure grip but also enhances the aesthetic appeal, providing a stunning piece to display in your collection or showcase during competitive axe throwing events.

Take your Viking axe throwing experience to the next level with the Ansari Forge Viking Throwing Axe. Venture into the realm of viking axe throwing Leonardtown has never seen before! Whether you’re aiming for personal improvement, competitive victories, or a thrilling day out with friends, this axe guarantees an unforgettable adventure. Embrace your warrior spirit and become a true viking axe throwing champion

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Ansari Forge’s Viking Throwing Axe
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