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Unleash the Power of Damascus Steel: Ansari Forge Hunting Knives

Step into the field with confidence equipped with a Damascus steel hunting knife from Ansari Forge. These handcrafted blades are designed to be your reliable companion, offering a perfect blend of:

  • Unmatched Performance: The distinctive Damascus steel boasts exceptional sharpness, resilience, and durability – essential qualities for any successful hunt.
  • Timeless Beauty: Each blade showcases a mesmerizing fire pattern, a testament to the traditional forging techniques used.
  • Rugged Functionality: Choose from a variety of blade styles and sizes specifically designed for hunting tasks, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.

Ansari Forge Damascus Hunting Knives feature:

  • High-quality Damascus steel construction: Experience the superior cutting performance and lasting sharpness that Damascus steel is renowned for.
  • Variety of blade lengths and styles: Find the perfect fit for your hunting needs, whether it’s skinning, field dressing, or precise cutting.
  • Comfortable and secure grips: Ergonomic handle designs ensure control and comfort during extended use.
  • Durable leather sheaths: Maintain the safety and integrity of your blade with a handcrafted leather sheath for secure carrying.

Invest in a Damascus steel hunting knife from Ansari Forge and experience the difference. It’s more than a blade; it’s a trusted partner in the field.

Browse our collection today and discover the perfect Damascus steel hunting knife for your next adventure.

Damascus steel hunting knife

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Custom Hand Made Forged Damascus Steel Hunting Knife With Feather Blade AF1053


Looking for high-quality hunting knives? Check out the custom hand-made forged Damascus steel hunting knife with feather blade from Ansari Forge. Exquisite craftsmanship meets superior performance. Get yours today! Available for sale.

Custom Handmade Forged Damascus Steel 9.5 ” Best Hunting Knife With Horizontal Leather Sheath


Unleash the power of the wilderness with our Custom Forged Damascus Steel Knife. This handcrafted beauty boasts a 1095 & 15N20 Damascus steel full tang blade for unmatched strength (56 HRC) and a comfortable rosewood handle for total control. Includes a horizontal leather sheath. Overall Length: 9.5″, Blade Length: 5.0″. Perfect for deer hunting, survival, or your next outdoor adventure.

Damascus Hunting Knife With Sheath Damascus Hilt And Wood Handle

  • Premium Damascus Blade:Damascus hunting knife Exquisite craftsmanship with a striking Damascus twisted pattern, showcasing the artistry of folded steel.
  • Fixed Blade Damascus Knife Design: Ensures stability and reliability for precision cutting, making it an ideal companion for hunting and outdoor activities.
  • Hunting Knife Full Tang Construction: The blade of Damascus hunting knife extends through the entire handle, providing exceptional strength and durability.
  • Optimal Hardness Of Custom Hunting Knife: With a remarkable 60 HRC hardness, the blade ensures superior edge retention and durability for long-lasting performance.
  • Handmade Knife With Damascus Hilt: The handle features a Damascus hilt, not only adding an aesthetic touch but also contributing to the overall balance of the knife.
  • Wood Handle Hunting Knife : Carefully crafted for a comfortable and secure grip, the wood handle enhances the knife’s ergonomic design, allowing for extended use without causing fatigue.
  • Leather Sheath Included Damascus Knife: Comes with a custom sheath for safe storage and convenient carry, ensuring your Damascus Hunting Knife is always at your side when you need it.
  • Versatile Outdoor Tool: Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, this best Damascus hunting knife is designed to meet and exceed expectations, making it a valuable addition to your hunting gear.

Damascus Steel Jungle Knife


Conquer any adventure with the Rain Drop Damascus Jungle Knife. Hand-forged steel, versatile design, perfect for camping, survival, hunting & more. Shop Ansari Forge today!

  • Hand-forged Damascus steel (1095 & 15N20 high carbon steel) for unmatched strength and flexibility
  • Full-tang, fixed-blade design with a reverse tanto tip for piercing and powerful cuts.
  • Ideal for camping, survival, hunting, and tactical situations (Best for Wood Chopping and cutting)
  • Expert-endorsed by Ali Hunter & Jay Fishe

Fixed Blade Damascus Hunting Knife With Sheath , Bone Handle And Stag Antler Pommel


Captivating Damascus Hunting Knife: Handcrafted Beauty & Strength

Elevate your outdoor experience with our fixed-blade Damascus hunting knife with sheath. Boasting a stunning raindrop Damascus blade, luxurious dyed blue camel bone handle, and unique stag antler pommel, this custom-made masterpiece offers unmatched sharpness, durability, and elegance. Includes a secure leather sheath for convenient carrying. Order yours now at Ansari Forge!

Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Hunting Knife With Leather Sheath


Legendary Damascus fixed blade hunting knife. Unmatched strength, beauty, and control. Full tang for perfect grip. 58-60 HRC hardness. Includes leather sheath. Shop now!

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