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Deer Skinning Knife: Ansari Forge

Ansari Forge offers a collection of professional skinning knives specifically designed for seasoned hunters and processors. These are crafted to handle the demands of field dressing various game animals, including deer.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from an Ansari Forge deer skinning knife:


  • Material: You have a choice between two popular options:
    • Damascus Steel: This features a fire-patterned design and is known for its exceptional sharpness and ability to retain an edge. (Think effortless cuts!)
    • D2 Steel: This type of steel offers durability and exceptional strength, also boasting good edge retention.


  • Comfort and Grip: The handles are designed for a secure grip, important for maneuvering the knife effectively during field dressing.
  • Material Options: Ansari Forge offers choices that add a touch of class and functionality:
    • Camel bone and rosewood: This combination provides a comfortable grip with aesthetic appeal.
    • Antler: This rustic option offers a unique look and a sturdy hold.


  • Full Tang: The blade extends the full length of the handle for superior strength and balance.
  • Loveless Style Design (for D2 steel blade): This design prioritizes functionality and a comfortable grip.


  • Material: A tooled leather sheath is typically included for safe and convenient storage and transport of your knife.

Overall, an Ansari Forge deer skinning knife is a meticulously crafted tool built for clean and efficient field dressing.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The blade length may vary slightly depending on the specific model you choose.
  • Ansari Forge focuses on handcrafted quality, so each knife may have unique characteristics.

If you’re looking for a top-notch deer skinning knife that combines performance, durability, and craftsmanship, Ansari Forge is definitely a brand to consider.

Deer Skinning knife

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Fixed Blade Damascus Gut Hook Knife, 9-inch Full Tang – Wood Handle, Leather Sheath Included, for Skinning, Hunting, Outdoors


Custom Damascus Hunting Knife : Field-to-Table Champion

This hand made Damascus hunting knife tackles every aspect of the hunt. The hand-forged, 512-layer Damascus steel boasts exceptional strength and a beautiful twist pattern. Integrated gut hook & full-tang construction ensure clean field dressing and unwavering performance. Includes a comfortable Pakka wood handle & leather sheath. Overall Length: 9″. Buy Now!

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