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Custom Made Damascus Viking Axe

  • Custom Made Damascus Viking Axe
  • Blade Length: 14 inches
  • High-quality Damascus steel used for durability and sharpness
  • Traditional Viking design for authenticity
  • Leather-wrapped wood handle for a comfortable grip
  • Handcrafted for a unique and personalized touch
  • Ideal for collectors, enthusiasts, or as a functional tool

Damascus Chef Knife Set – 5 Real Professional Kitchen Knives With Case / Roll bag

  • Precision Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in culinary excellence with our Damascus Chef Knife Set, comprising five professionally crafted kitchen knives designed to meet the demands of real chefs.
  • Prime Quality Damascus Steel: Each knife in the set is forged from premium Damascus steel, ensuring unparalleled sharpness, durability, and a distinctive visual appeal that sets these knives apart.
  • Versatile Kitchen Essentials: Cover all your culinary needs with a comprehensive set of five knives, suitable for chopping, slicing, dicing, and more. Elevate your cooking with precision tools designed for real kitchen professionals.
  • Stylish Case/Roll Bag: Keep your knives organized and ready for action with the included stylish case or roll bag. This convenient accessory adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring easy portability for chefs on the go.
  • Ideal for Professionals and Home Cooks: Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, this Damascus Chef Knife Set caters to all skill levels, offering a seamless blend of functionality and elegance in one comprehensive package.
  • Exceptional Sharpness: Experience the razor-sharp blades that make cutting and slicing a breeze. Achieve professional-level precision in your culinary creations with knives that stay sharp through every task.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted for longevity, these knives boast durability that stands up to the rigors of a busy kitchen. Invest in kitchen tools that promise longevity without compromising on performance.
  • Perfect Gift for Culinary Enthusiasts: Packaged in a sleek case or roll bag, this Damascus Chef Knife Set makes for an impressive and thoughtful gift for weddings, birthdays, or any occasion celebrating the art of cooking.

Damascus Steel Axe With Pouch And Leather Wrapped Handle

  • Damascus steel construction: High-quality, hand-forged steel for durability and a unique, intricate pattern.
  • Axe length: 14 inches, providing a balanced and compact design for versatility in outdoor activities.
  • Leather-wrapped rosewood handle: Offers a comfortable and secure grip, adding a touch of elegance to the design.
  • Multi-functional use: Ideal for camping, hiking, and throwing, catering to various outdoor enthusiasts.

Forged Damascus steel Sheep Horn Handle Hunting Knife

  • Damascus steel
  • Full tang
  • 58 – 60 HRC hardness
  • Sheep horn handle
  • Leather sheath

Forged Damascus Viking Axe For Throwing

  • Damascus steel Viking axe for throwing.
  • Ash wood handle
  • Damascus steel 1095 & 15n20 Axe head
  • Comes with leather sheath
  • Overall length is 14 inches

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Battle Ready Viking Axe

  • Hand-forged Damascus steel: Crafted with precision and skill, ensuring a unique and high-quality blade.
  • Battle-ready: Designed for combat and durability, suitable for Viking reenactments or practical use.
  • Viking Axe: Reflects the iconic and historical design of Viking battle axes, capturing the essence of Norse weaponry.
  • 20 inches long: A compact yet powerful size, offering versatility in handling and striking.
  • Rosewood handle: Provides a sturdy and comfortable grip, enhancing control and maneuverability during use.

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Double Headed Viking Axe

  • Hand-forged Damascus steel construction
  • Double-headed design for versatile use
  • Viking axe style with historical inspiration
  • Total length: 20 inches
  • Wooden handle for a traditional and comfortable grip
  • Unique and intricate Damascus steel patterns on the axe head
  • Durable and high-quality craftsmanship
  • Suitable for both functional use and display
  • Handmade, ensuring individuality and attention to detail
  • Combines ancient forging techniques with modern design
  • Ideal for collectors, enthusiasts, or as a distinctive gift

Handmade Damascus Steel Tomahawk Native American Pipe Axe

  • 20 Inches long Damascus steel pipe axe
  • 1095 & 15n20 tomahawk axe head
  • Rosewood handle
  • Cowhide leather sheath .

Handmade Damascus Steel Viking Axe

  • Total length 20 inches approx. – Axe head length 5 inches approx. and cutting edge length 5 inches approx. Handle made up of Premium Quality Rosewood Cowhide leather sheath . The Axe Head is made up of premium quality Hand forged 1095 & 15n20 Damascus Steel.
  • 100% handmade and authentic Damascus steel True craftsmanship , a great gift for , Viking guys .
  • Fully Functional Battle Axe – This Viking Battle axe is Fully Functional Axe and This Axe is not Toy, The Forged skegg Head axe Constructed with Semi-razor sharp edge which has been given an excellent heat treatment to achieve a 58-60 Rockwell scale hardness & Durable Hard Edge. The axe head is Design as secured using a wedge and pin technique favored by true weapons makers and blacksmiths.

Wood Burning Handle Forged Damascus Bearded Viking Axe


Unleash your inner Viking with our expertly crafted Wood Burning Handle Forged Damascus Bearded Viking Axe. Experience the superior durability and precision of this handmade weapon, ideal for woodworking projects and displaying your axe-handling prowess. Shop now for the ultimate combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality

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